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Committed to providing the highest quality of home health care available, we blend those services with warmth and compassion.

Country Plains
208 N Main Rocky Ford, Co 81067
Tel: 719-254-3661
Fax: 719-254-4626
910 E Main Street Trinidad, Co 81082
Tel: 719-846-2030

Fax: 719-846-2380
601 S Albert Walsenburg, Co 81089
Tel: 719-738-5707

Fax: 719-738-1933
Country Plains Home Health the name of our Rocky Ford (Arkansas Valley), Colorado location.
Mountain Creek Home Health (Southern Colorado) with offices located in Trinidad, Colorado and Walsenburg, Colorado patients.
Country Plains, a leading provider of Home Health Services, has been serving the local community for nearly twenty years. We provide Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy (Trinidd and Walsenburg), and Certified Nurses Aid Services. We aspire to grow and serve our community for many more years to come.

We are a local Not-For-Profit Home Health Care Agency and believe in supporting the community.

We recently changed our name in Rocky Ford to distinguish the Arkansas Valley Area and meet the requirements of the governing agent in Colorado. We have moved the Rocky Ford (Arkansas Valley Location) from under the Mountain Creek name and designated this location as Country Plans.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call the
Administrator: Shamay in Rocky Ford at 719-254-3661,
Director of Nursing: Annie at 719-25-3661
or email comments to , community liaison: Glen Mears

NOW AVALIABLE IN THE ARKANSAS VALLEY REGION: Social Work, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.

Country Plains Home Health- Rocky Ford, Colorado 719-254-3661

Country Plains Home Health Services in our Rocky Ford, Colorado offers a in-home assessment upon a physician referral to determine the individual needs of each person. After a referral from your Physician we will complete an evaluation and communicate these findings to your personal physician and established a comprehensive plan of care for your needs.

Our Comprehensive Services Include:

Therapist stretching woman's arm - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO


RNs that specialize in wound care, medication management, chronic disease care & education and post-op assessment.



CNAs to assist with Activities of Daily Living to restore patients abilities to provide self care and understanding of illness and the recovery process by providing supportive teaching and education.
Therapist assisting senior citizens - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO
Physiotherapist with patient - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO


Provide rehab after illness, hospitalization or surgery to include: Strengthening, function mobility training, balance training and pain management.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists, are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders. We provide services for adults or children who are in need of this speciality.


Occupational Therapy

Services include providing rehabilitation after illness, hospitalization or surgery to include: Assessment of adaptive equipment needs, fine motor coordination/strengthening and strengthening for activities of daily living.