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Mountain Creek Home Health

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Committed to providing the highest quality of home health care available, we blend those services with warmth and compassion.

Country Plains
208 N Main Rocky Ford, Co 81067
Tel: 719-254-3661
Fax: 719-254-4626
910 E Main Street Trinidad, Co 81082
Tel: 719-846-2030

Fax: 719-846-2380
601 S Albert Walsenburg, Co 81089
Tel: 719-738-5707

Fax: 719-738-1933

Mountain Creek Home Health Care Services is located in Trinidad, Colorado 719-846-2030 is our Contact Number.

Mountain Creek Home Health Services in Trinidad & Walsenburg provides the health services you need, delivered by compassionate healthcare professionals. We are committed to providing each and every client with the highest quality of health care available.


Physiotherapist massaging leg of man - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO
Senior man training with dumbbell - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO
Patient at physiotherapy with tapes - Home Healtcare in Walsenburg, CO

Skilled Nursing Assessments

To determine the individual needs of each person and will communicate these needs to their personal physician. Providing Skilled Services to assist patients in returning home for continued recovery instead recovering in a nursing facilitiy.

Home Health Aides

Assisting with activities of daily living by teaching patients about their illness and the recovery process.

Occupational Therapy

Treatments focus on increasing muscle strength and coordination, use of adaptive equipment and retraining in homemaking skills, grooming, hygiene and dressing due to a medical condition such as a stroke, surgery, heart or lung disease or hip fracture.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists, are professionals educated in the study of human communication, its development, and its disorders. We provide services for adults or children who are in need of this speciality.


Physical Therapy

Providing balance training, gait training, pain relief measures, muscle re-education and strengthening for illness or injuries from fractures, stroke, arthritis, spinal cord injury, and debilitation due to a lengthy hospitalization, heart or lung disease. Extensive services for postoperative orthopedic care needs.

Skilled Nursing

Assisting with comprehensive wound care management, administration of IV medications, preoperative and postoperative care, diabetic home care and teaching, cardiac and pulmonary assessments and care, instruction and monitoring of medication usage, effectiveness, and compliance and instruction in home management of health related problems.


Have the Discharge Planner Contact us to arrange a assessment after your surgery or after an injury. MOUNTAIN CREEK in SOuthern Colorado OR COUNTRY PLAINS in Arkansas Valley (former Pioneer Agency)